Me checking the last shots in the camera display. Photo by courtesy of Robyn

Me checking the last shots in the camera display. Photo by courtesy of Robyn

Name: Val Mont
Base Camp: Munich / Germany
Profession: Photographer, Documentalist
Passion: Being Inspired


Short description
I am a freelance photographer, cameraman and author. I live in Munich, work mainly in southern Germany / Tyrol, in an area between Passau, Nuremberg, Konstanz, Innsbruck. For interesting shootings I like travelling bigger distances (eg I was in Ukraine by car for a great series with model Nastya, or on Lake Garda for shootings with Valeria and Pearl).

The focus of my artistic work is the representation of the natural beauty of young women. I try to approach this topic without artificiality and photographic vanities. The natural beauty of the girl plays the main role in my shootings, her very own, personal magic. Each model gets selected pictures for free at their disposal shortly after the shoot.

I present individual pictures of my work here and on other websites. For those who are interested in a complete overview of my shootings, I offer an extensive collection of imagery sets on my online magazine (exclusively portrait and fashion pictures, strictly non-nude), and for the models, who  like to make more cheeky pictures, but always in my respectful, natural-aesthetic style: All the information here

Prehistory, the first steps
Since my childhood I love to depict my environment, initially with pen and paper, then soon with the camera. I grew up in a lonely house in the Bavarian Alps, and that explains the love of nature, which is in my pictures probably unmistakable. The worship of female beauty came then from the age of 12, completely surprising;), and from this days both passions flow into my photographic work.

1980: studied acting in Munich
After the early death of my father, I dropped out of high school, left my home and went to Munich. There I completed a 3-year acting education, which I financed with jobs in portrait and theater photography. After completing my acting studies I was engaged at several  theaters (including the theaters Lucerne, Ulm and Nuremberg), followed by some TV starring roles (including Gustl Bayrhammer in the "Weißblauen Gschichten"), and even a major role in a movie.

1990: TV cameraman and producer
But I really felt comfortable more behind the camera, so in 1990, when private television was about to take over, I took the opportunity to become a TV cameraman, because creative newcomers were in high demand at that time. This was followed by 10 years of work as a freelance cameraman for documentary and reportage for almost all major TV stations in Europe. Around 2000, I then became self-employed as a producer and produced image films for clients such as BMW and Brockhaus, as well as music videos. One with "The Starseeds: Parallel Life" for MTV, which ran particularly well in the US and Japan.

2004: Back to the photo roots
At the end of 2004, I bought my first professional digital SLR camera (a Nikon D70s) and, in addition to working as a video producer, started to take more and more pictures. And as in the beginning, the beauty of young women was my favorite inspiration.

from 2007: Foundation of the fee-based online galleries to finance my work
My natural style of taking pictures of girls was well received in the blogs and communities, and my work quickly gained a lot of applause. I have been asked many times to exhibit more than just individual shots of my shootings. So in 2007 I founded Girls-Mag, and a few years later Girls are Poetry. On these two websites, I provide fee-based photo sets for viewing, thus offering my visitors a comprehensive insight into my work with the models. Image rights are explicitly not sold, they always stay with the photographer and the model. These two sites are, so to speak, galleries with entry, in which I present a selection of the most beautiful pictures of my work.
On there are exclusively portrait and fashion pictures with models from 14 years on, on also partly sensual-erotic productions, which I make basically only with models of age.

So I present the whole spectrum of my work, from natural girl portrait to erotic scenes, with growing international acclaim, and what particularly honors me is that more and more photographers use this service for their inspiration.



The maintenance of my web presence and regular model shootings continue to be the focus of my work. I photograph the models traditionally without a large team, and without artificial light. Mostly the camera is the only technical device on the set. It does not distract you from work, and you are also very flexible. In addition, the absence of artificial light or lightning makes an important aspect of my visual aesthetics.

Technology is pure tool for me, not a credo, but as many users ask me, which equipment I use, so this is the info: I work only with the camera in my hand. No flash, no tripod, no technology otherwise. The cameras are Nikon FX DSLR. In addition to my old portrait workhorse D700 I use the D800 above all because of its enormous resolution of 36 MP, when it comes to high-resolution images (eg for posters) or landscape productions. For pure model photography, I now mainly use the D750 together with the 24-120 f4 Nikkor zoom: a combo that almost perfectly supports my working style with its qualities, and fits almost all shooting situations. She will take my pictures for the next few years. This very reduced technique allows me to fully concentrate on working with the model, which is the prerequisite for making a successful shoot still easy and fun.

In addition to the photo shoots I´m using more and more video camera, a 35mm Digital Cinema Cam Sony FS5. It's about transferring my natural photo style into the moving picture. This topic will certainly gain importance in the next few years. At the moment they are mostly little Etudes, small atmospheric moments of my models, which I capture on video. The script for a longer film is finished, and just waiting for the appropriate model: That's why I'm happy about all applications! The type I am looking for: beautiful, especially, remarkable. Model dimensions or size do not matter. What matters is how she can inspire the viewer with her appearance. By that I mean nothing spectacular, but rather the quiet, hidden, charming side of a girl.